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How To Choose A Real Estate Company

               How to ----------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------CHOOSE A REAL ESTATE COMPANY
                                                     WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW
> A key part of               > Prepare your         > Negotiate the            > Real estate companies
   selling your home           home to be in           buyer’s offer.  Real       can help people
   is setting the list            the spotlight.            estate companies are   looking to buy homes
   price. To determine        good cleaning is        resources on which      dissect what they are
   the best asking price,    an effective start       to rely during this         looking at and how
   review the cost of                                            process                        that meets their needs
                                     Real estate companies encourage people to remember
                                     disclosing defects has broadened significantly in recent
                                     years.  Both jurisdictions and real estate companies have
                                     different mandates about disclosures forms.  Home
                                     inspections and warranties also affect buyers, who should
                                     ask questions about anything that remains unclear or is
                                     not addressed properly.
With technology advancements, real estate companies and homeowners are working together through Cyberspace to put houses on the market.  Real estate companies list homes online to speed up the sales process. About 63 percent of home buyers searched online when checking out the market, according to a Recent National Association of Realtors survey.  Whether it’s online or through traditional means, real estate companies offer tips for selling homes.
A real estate company can be a key part of the marketing plan by setting the list price.  When a home is priced too low, it could cost the sellers money.  When it’s priced too high, potential buyers may be scared away.  To determine the best asking price, review the cost of similar recently sold homes.  Depend on a reputable company to do this.
An experienced real estate company can suggest a way to prepare the home for the spotlight.  Good cleaning is an effective start.  Eliminate any clutter, add a fresh coat of paint and tidy up the yard.  Real estate companies also can help boost the home’s appeal.  They can negotiate the buyer’s offer.  Real estate companies are resources on which to rely during this process.  Once a seller has accepted an offer, make sure to keep the deal together by meeting deadlines and criteria, such as home inspections, which can require a renegotiation of the accepted price.  Real estate companies can provide a list of what sellers and buyers need for the closing.
In Pennsylvania, disclosure laws require the seller to complete real estate transfer disclosure statements.  Many things can be determined from the statement.  Real estate companies encourage people to remember disclosing defects has broadened significantly in recent years.  Both jurisdictions and real estate companies have different mandates about disclosure forms.  Home inspections and warranties also affect buyers, who should ask questions about anything that remains unclear or is not addressed properly.
An effective real estate company can ensure a smooth transition by being aware of information concerning many aspects of the home such as:
Is there a range, oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal or trash compactor in the kitchen?
Are there safety features – burglar and fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, security gate, window screens and intercom – at the property.
Notice the presence of a TV antenna or satellite dish, carport or garage, automatic garage door opener, rain gutters and sump pump.
Do amenities, such as a pool or spa, patio or deck, built-in barbecue and fireplaces, exist?
Determine the type of heating, condition of electrical wiring, gas supply and presence of any external power source, such as solar panels.
The type of water heater, water supply, sewer system or septic tank also should be disclosed.
Significant defects or malfunctions in the home’s major systems should also be required.  This includes interior and exterior walls, ceilings, roof, insulation, windows, fences, driveway, sidewalks, floors, doors, foundation and electrical and plumbing systems.
Sellers should note the presence of environmental hazards, walls or fences shared with adjoining landowners and any encroachments or easements, room additions or repairs made without the necessary permits or not in compliance with building codes, zoning violations, citations against the property and lawsuits against the seller affecting the property.
Buyers should also ask about and look for settling, sliding or soil problems, flooding or drainage problems and any major damage resulting from earthquakes, floods or landslides.
People buying a condominium must be told about covenants, codes and restrictions or other deed restrictions.


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