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How To Choose New Carpet

               How to ----------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------CHOOSE NEW CARPET
                                                 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW
> Determine                 > Know which                 > Decide whether                  > Avoid cheap
   whether you are          colors are right                you want casual                    carpet – it’s
   doing one room            for you.                           or formal carpeting                easy to spot.
   or several rooms.                                                and which type of
                                                                               carpet you prefer.
The decision has been made.  You want to purchase new carpet and the time is now!  Your mind is already shifting into fast forward with such an issues as light or dark colors?  Soft and velvety or tight and firm?  Smooth or textured?  Wall-to-wall or bordered?  There’s so much to consider.
If a designer were to help you design your home, they’d begin with you.  So you begin with you!  Put yourself through an initial interview – ask what a designer would ask.
Start with the size of your family and the age of your children (if any).  Are there pets?  Is there the possibility for grandchildren or elderly parents moving in?  Are there family members living outside your home who should be considered?
Are you doing one room, several rooms or an entire apartment or house?  Now take a hard look at how your family lives.  In which rooms do you spend most of your time?  Is your living style relaxed or formal?  Do you like everything in its place or do you consider a casual room more comfortable?  Do you entertain?  Are the groups small or large?  How often do the children bring friends home?  These are practical matters you must consider.
You may have heard that dark colors make a room look smaller.  It’s true.  So you should stay away from dark colors, right?  Wrong!  If your objective is to create a warm, cozy and sheltered look, a small “feel” is exactly what you want and dark, rich colors like hunter green or burgundy can work great.  If a dark color is what you love, and it helps you capture the mood you want, go for it!
Pastels and color tints enlarge a space.  These colors create a restful and soothing mood. They’re ideal when you want a formal, orderly and romantic tone.  Strong contrasts of colors are lively, exciting and energetic and can be a bold statement for your family’s style of living. Color can also change the feel of a room.  In rooms facing north and in cool climates, you can “warm up” a room with a color scheme featuring reds, yellows, oranges, peaches and apricots.  In south-facing rooms and in warm climates, a room can be made to feel more comfortable by using colors such as blues, purples, greens and teals.
If you’re redecorating, often an existing fabric or a cherished piece of furniture can be a starting point and can stimulate your creativity.  Working around an existing piece is an excellent way to start when making your color choice.  Important: it is rarely desirable to match a color exactly.  More visual interest is created by blending colors.  Carpet color is an emotional issue.  But with these color selection tips, you can enter a carl;et retailer with more confidence!
To shop with confidence, you need to know what kinds of carpet are available and what each is designed to do.  All carpets begin with a “loop pile.”  To make a “cut pile” the tips of the loops are sheared off, which produces the smooth finish of velvets and other styles.  Cut pile carpets are by far the most common type bought by consumers because they have the most luxurious look and feel.
Specifics of different carpet styles:
Multilevel Loops – Consists of loops of varying heights creating a wide range of styles.  Some look like carved patterns while others offer a random effect.
Level Loops – The visibility of each loop and the way light reflects from the surface gives this carpet a charming appeal that blends well with any décor.
Cut and Loop or “traceries” – Combines cut and loop piles to offer an infinite variety of effects.  On solid colors, their subtle shading creates a unique style of multi-toned beauty.
Velvets – Are the ultimate in elegance.  All the pile fibers blend together in these extra-dense, cut pile carpets to give you an ultra-smooth sweep of rich, luxurious color.
Saxonies or “Plushes” – A cute pile, versatile beauty.  Not as formal as velvets, but easier to live with.  Also, called saxony plush.
Textured Saxonies – The most casual and rugged of cut pile carpets.  Tightly twisted yarns curl back on themselves creating a distinctive nubby look or pebbled texture.
Friezes – Classified as cut pile berber, probably the most durable carpet made.  Soft, luxurious feel, seams together excellently, developed to replace wool.
Avoid bargains.  Cheap carpet is easy to spot: it’s thin, lightweight and flimsily made.  Buy good quality padding; it absorbs up to 90 percent of the impact of foot traffic.  A high investment in carpet padding will extend the life of your carpet.  It’s worth the initial extra cost.


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