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How To Choose The Right Printing Company

               How to ----------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------------------------CHOOSE the RIGHT PRINTING COMPANY
                                                       IMPORTANT POINTS
> Decide on the services  > Delivery period             > Consider the results  > Ask plenty of
   you need such as             do you need immediate   insure your outcome     questions and 
   digital printing, wide         printing, ask for specific   will look professional    answered in a
   format printing or              to complete job.              and superb quality.      timely manner.
   envelope printing.
Selecting a good printing company can be a big and tedious job to the beginners in the niche. Though technology has made people advanced and familiar with computer and printers, just printing knowledge or operation manage cannot let you start advertising yourself as a printer. You can be a direct marketer or a business person searching for superb quality, affordable printing services. Here we list out 10 must know things to keep in mind when choosing a printing company. These steps will help you find out the best company that meets your budget and goals.
Commercial printing must be done with meticulous care. A commercial printing company must be professional in dealing with its clients demands.  If you are in search for good and reliable printers, take your time in finding one that would meet your expectations. There are professional printers whose services you can trust and will surely bring better results for your business marketing. Here are several questions you need to address when you are looking for good printing services:
1. Decide on the services
Determine on the kind of services you want such as whether you need digital printing, wide format printing or envelope printing. Your requirement can be banners or posters or business cards. They need a unique kind of printing and services. So, visit the website of a printing company to find out what kind of service you need. The printing company will discuss with the options that meet your needs and budget.
Printing press: Quality printing companies have their own press with the state-of-the-art printing machines and  print finishing equipments. Quality printing machines and finishing equipment are the most important things in the printing business. There are many companies that do not have their own machines and outsource the job to other companies. These are only middlemen who you cannot reply upon.
Design team: Good printing companies have their own in-house design team consisting of expert designers who will design your cover page, brochures, pamphlets and all sorts of documents at no extra cost. This makes the entire printing process faster and easier for you. Cheaper print companies want you to find your own designers, which can be a lot of hassle if you are not a good designer or do not have one in your company.
2. Delivery period
If you need prints immediately, then local printing company would be perfect as it does not need shipping. Ask your printing company for a specific date when they can complete the job, especially if it is an immediate matter. Experienced printing companies might have seen such problems before and so, they will remain honest about their abilities in getting your order accomplished immediately.
Delivery: Good printing companies usually provide free delivery of printed material to your home or office at no extra cost. They also make the delivery at the time and place of your convenience. This helps keep your overall printing costs to the minimum. If a print company doesn’t provide delivery service, then you should be wary of using its services.
Never misses deadline: Good printing companies have all the resources to work at full capacity and even overtime, if necessary, so that they never miss the deadline. The importance of never missing the deadline cannot be over-exaggerated, especially before and during exhibitions and tradeshows when you may need quality printed materials at a very short notice.
3. Reputation
When you are given with many printing companies, ask for samples and references of each company’s work. A reputed printing company will flaunt its works and enthusiastic to show you how they have satisfied clients earlier. Check and ensure the company’s associations with trade and industry firms. Go to chamber of commerce or find in your local newspaper to see which local printing companies have achieved ‘local business’ awards. Remember, printing is a creative process and stress has no role in there. So, be confident on your printing company.
Are they easy to talk to? You need to notice several things when they talk to you whether it is a personal communication or through email, the printers you are talking to must possess or sound like they care and that they are happy to talk to you and that you are not just someone they will print for. They must make you feel happy and special. Whenever a problem arises, you will be able to talk with them anytime and you will be assured that they will work on it as soon as possible.  Do they keep promises? If they promised a certain number of things like great quality, good service, on time (or even earlier) prints with quality.
4. Consider the results you expect
Print finishing services: Good printing companies provide quality print finishing services so that you won’t have to worry about packaging – collating, binding, stitching, laminating, etc. Good finishing is of utmost importance as most people instinctively “judge a book by its cover”. They also do not normally charge you extra for materials like print finishing tapes, staples, glue and lamination.
Take a close look at what you expect as the results of your printing project. You are given with many choices such as graphics, scoring, designs, numbering, cutting, photocopying, stapling, and so on. You may need business cards, books, documents or anything. Ensure that your outcome will look professional and of superb quality. Don’t just end getting your completed job and hoping that you have selected the most reputed printing service. So, take enough care about the quality that a printing service is capable to provide before choosing.
Are all the outputs smudge free? Are they clean and clear enough? This is the most important item that printers need to do. Create perfect prints every time. Be sure that all pages, all edges and folds are in perfect condition. No smudges, no inkblots, no dirt, no lines, no unnecessary slits or folds in every single page.
5. Ask plenty of questions
If you find a printing company that is reputable in the market, then ask as much questions as you have about their services. This will help you ensure whether or not you will get quality services from there.
Are your questions or requests answered in a timely manner? Every single time you talk to them no matter how incessant your questions are they should still be talking to you in a happy professional tone. You are special to them because they need you (but try to be nice too because you them as well) you are business to them so they should treat you well.
6. Price
Price may be biggest consideration when choosing a printing company. You cannot market your budget as it is a difficult process. But, promoting your business is very important as if delivering quality services, especially if you are new to the niche. You can find companies proving prints of business cards or flyers at quite cheap rates. Moreover, you can get certain discounts based on your order quantity and delivery period.
7. Ask for references
Asking your friends or colleagues for references or recommendations of good printing companies is a best way to find out a service that can offer best quality services. Contact previous customers of a printing service and ask them about their experience with the service. They can help you providing their own experience with the outcome of their projects. If you find that previous customers of a printing service were not satisfied with the service, then you must keep looking for another service provider.
8. Compare price rates
Some companies increase their rates only to make more money and they don’t give good quality services than their competitors. Therefore, ensure that you compare prices and quality with other companies in the field. You should have a preset budget, so you can easily find out a printing service that can meet your goals at your budget amount. Are they giving you a reasonable quote? Do not expect that the printers will be giving you the crazy lowest price you can ever imagine. The only thing that will suffer in low prices is the service so expect crappy results or just hope for the best. Canvass prices with several printers and check which ones
9. Look at online sources
Renowned online printing companies can provide you with low-cost rates as they generally don’t need to include the retail rents for a physical outlet. With lower overhead, online printers can pass the savings to their customers. But, the price reduction in printing may be annulled by the shipping charge on the basis of the distance between you and the printing company as well as the weight and size of your printed materials. Apart from this, many people are still not confident on online printing companies than a person at the retail outlets. This happens when people remain unaware about online printing process. Once you made a few orders, you will probably be a fan of your online printer.
10. Read reviews online
There are many printing service providers offering high quality work done for low price rates. Go online and look at reviews on printing companies. If you find a company that can provide high quality services, then keep looking for reviews on the company name. So ask around (and seek online too) and check with other people on what they think about a certain printing company. You can also ask which the best companies around the area are. Ask people who have used their services so you get quality answers.
The aforementioned are just a few steps to consider when choosing a printing company. You need to have a budget set for what you need the printing to cost and also compare a few quotes. There are many printing companies working both at offline and online market to choose from. Since there are many companies, you will be able to easily find out the perfect one that can provide you with needed services at your budget. Look at online forums and directories for reviews and testimonials of printing services so that you can get a clear idea about the service provider before choosing their services. Printing is not just applying ink to the paper but it is a creative job requiring sound knowledge and successful experience in different aspects of printing and publishing.


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