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Elon Musk to Make James Bond Submarine Car a Reality
Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:23:41 -0400 - Musk plans to take the movie prop and turn it into an actual car that transforms into a submarine, the very thing it was built to portray in the movie.

Hangover? There?s a Hotel Concierge for That
Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:46:28 -0400 - ?Specialty concierges? at high-end hotels offer tips on everything from romance to perfume.

6 Ways You Could be Decreasing Your Car's Value
Wed, 16 Oct 2013 10:46:53 -0400 - High gas costs have gotten plenty of press in recent years. But that's not the only expense of owning a car. AAA estimates that a vehicle's depreciation costs American car owners $3,571 per year, up less ...

Confessions of a Windows Phone User
Tue, 15 Oct 2013 14:26:19 -0400 - Owning a Windows phone in Silicon Valley invites ridicule and pity. Why opt for the unhip?

Amazon partners with HTC to make smartphones: report
Tue, 15 Oct 2013 13:24:46 -0400 - Amazon.com Inc is developing smartphones with HTC Corp, putting it in a position to compete with Apple Inc and Google Inc, the Financial Times reported. One device is already in an advanced stage of development, ...

Twitter pays engineer $10 mln as Silicon Valley tussles for talent
Mon, 14 Oct 2013 09:35:26 -0400 - Among Twitter Inc's highest-paid executives, Christopher Fry's name stands out. The senior vice president of engineering raked in $10.3 million last year, just behind Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo's ...

Google Sets Plan to Sell Users? Endorsements
Fri, 11 Oct 2013 08:58:26 -0400 - A change in its terms of service would let Google include users? names, photos and comments in ads across the Web.

Going Contract-Free: Finding a Phone and Plan That Fit
Thu, 10 Oct 2013 09:58:37 -0400 - No-contract cellphone plans are on the rise, with plenty of options available. Making the best choice means doing your research before making any move.

Cardless ATMs Allow You to Get Cash With Your Phone
Wed, 09 Oct 2013 14:16:51 -0400 - Imagine getting cash out of an ATM without using a debit card. Just like using a "remote control for the ATM," you will soon be able to log onto a mobile app, indicate the amount of money you ...

For Shoppers, Next Level of Instant Gratification
Tue, 08 Oct 2013 10:15:55 -0400 - New shopping services will allow consumers to instantly buy items they see on television, in magazines and even in their refrigerators.

This 25-Year-Old Hasn't Owned a Cell Phone in 4 Years, and Loves It
Mon, 07 Oct 2013 11:35:01 -0400 - "The idea of being wholly present to each other and the conversation was to be archived as something of the past."

How Twitter?s Hashtag Came to Be
Mon, 07 Oct 2013 10:38:21 -0400 - It?s hard to believe that at one time, hashtags weren?t a part of the Twitter lexicon. Not only that, but Twitter initially rejected the idea of hashtags.

The 5 Deadly Clicks: The Links You Should Never Touch
Fri, 04 Oct 2013 16:24:48 -0400 - Cyber ninjas have become far more creative, sophisticated and inscrutable. With that in mind, here are five links you should never, ever click.

Apple?s iPhone 5C Now Costs $45
Fri, 04 Oct 2013 15:06:43 -0400 - It just got easier to make a profit by trading in an old iPhone ? and still buy the latest model. Wal-Mart and RadioShack are dropping their prices for Apple?s device to less than $50.

Atlanta Woman Claims She's the Voice of Siri, and a Voice Expert Agrees 100%
Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:54:26 -0400 - When Susan Bennett, a voice actress from the suburbs of Atlanta, first heard Siri on Apple's website, she says it was "a little creepy."

The iPhone 5C's Price Is Cut in Half at Best Buy After Just Two Weeks on the Market
Fri, 04 Oct 2013 08:17:00 -0400 - Best Buy is selling the iPhone 5C for only $50...

Amazon Readies Set-Top Box for Holidays
Thu, 03 Oct 2013 16:03:27 -0400 - Amazon.com Inc. is taking steps toward releasing a video-streaming device in time for the holiday selling season, according to people briefed on the company's plans.

Be Sure You?re Secure: Password Hygiene
Thu, 03 Oct 2013 12:26:29 -0400 - While no information online is truly 100 percent safe, there are steps you can take to ensure that yours is as safe as possible, and passwords are the first line of defense. Here are my tips on how to ...

The Oddest Airline Superstitions
Wed, 02 Oct 2013 18:51:00 -0400 - Passengers pat the plane when they board, as if to make sure it's solid. Some kiss the fuselage, or even break into the same little dance, at the doorway every time they fly. If they peer into the cockpit, ...

Now at Your Library: Streaming Movies, Music
Wed, 02 Oct 2013 11:40:11 -0400 - There's a new source to stream movies and other digital content, and it's not a tech company with tens of thousands of titles: the public library.

Warren Buffett's Fourth Tweet Ever Was About 'Breaking Bad'
Mon, 30 Sep 2013 12:02:04 -0400 - Buffett's fourth Tweet ever came two minutes into Sunday night's series finale of 'Breaking Bad.'

Facebook ?likes? can get you fired
Mon, 23 Sep 2013 07:30:38 -0400 - Facebook ?likes? are now protected by the First Amendment, a federal appeals court ruled this week. But legal experts say people should still think twice before giving a person, dubious parody site or ...

IOS 7 Is Here: A Whole New iPhone Experience
Wed, 18 Sep 2013 11:10:15 -0400 - Your iPhone is about to get a giant makeover: Apple is pushing out iOS 7 to iPhone users on Wednesday.

Read This Before Trashing Companies Online
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:17:00 -0400 - Consumers who post online reviews to warn others of unpleasant experiences can themselves become the target of a lawsuit?if they aren?t careful.

The Rise of No-Contract Cellphones
Mon, 16 Sep 2013 15:32:13 -0400 - With Apple's release of the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S last week, tech-hungry consumers will likely renew their cellphone contracts for another two years so they can get their hands on a shiny new iPhone ...

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