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Nazareth is a borough in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, in the United States and is located seven miles northwest of Easton, four miles north of Bethlehem and twelve miles northeast of Allentown. It is located in the center of Northampton County, and is part of Pennsylvania's
Lehigh Valley region.

The borough is named for the Biblical town of Nazareth, where Jesus Christ resided in his youth. The names of other places in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania are similarly inspired, including Bethlehem, Emmaus, Egypt, and Allentown's Jordan Creek. William Penn bequeathed this land to his daughter, Letitia, who under colonial law would have had to pay a single red rose each June 24, if so demanded by the trustees. People in Nazareth celebrate this every year on June 11 and 12 by various organizations selling single red roses throughout the town.

Nazareth was founded in 1740 by immigrants from Germany of the Protestant faith. Their leader was George Whitefield. Initially, Nazareth was specifically Moravian by charter. Outside faiths were not allowed to purchase property within Nazareth, a basically all German Protestant community. Nazareth remained basically all German derivative in population until 1980 at the completion of connecting superhighways to the New York City area. (Interstate routes 78, 33, and 80)

During a great immigration to the eastern Pennsylvania counties of the late 1900s from New Jersey and New York, the population expanded significantly. Developers from the New Jersey area were responding to tighter controls and regulations on new construction in the state of New Jersey by moving their enterprises to Pennsylvania.

This new expansion and housing boom was enabled by the local completion of the interstate system of highways, first begun by former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s. In the Nazareth area, this was caused by the completion of the nearby Pennsylvania Route 33, which ran north and south, thereby connecting Interstate 78, U.S Route 22, and Interstate 80, and the completion of the Interstate 78 southern Lehigh Valley corridor high speed interstate, which connected the Lehigh Valley to New Jersey and New York to the east, and Harrisburg and Pittsburgh to the west.

As of the 2010 census, the borough was (96.6%) White, (.0085%) African American, (.0073%) Asian, (.0059%) from other races, and (.0099%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were (2.7%) of the population. There are 3,098 Females (53.9%) and 2,648 Males (46%) with most of the population of 1,099 (19.1%) under 18 and 4,647 (80.8%) 18 and under. Ages 65 & over is the highest group 1,245 (21.6%) followed by 50-64 with 1,113 (19.3%), then 35-49 with 1,087 (18.9%), then 25-34 with 798 (13.8%) and finally 20-24 with 296 (5.15%).

Nazareth Borough is served by the Nazareth Area School District.

More information is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazareth,_Pennsylvania

and the borough’s official website at www.nazarethborough.com/


Borough Office: 134 S Main Street, Nazareth, 610-759-0202






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